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Collection: Legacy Designs

Author: Hasker Brouwer


A collection of old designs, booklets, experimental comics and more.

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A collection of designs, booklets, experimental comics and more.


  • Life ToGo: a 50+ page¬†experimental collage-work from 2012. Depicting an artistic rendition of the future where augmentation goes rampant, it pushes visual limits with risque designs and experimental combinations of the real world and the imaginative.
  • Pobolem: an experimental comic that was originally planned to be a series of comics surrounding ideas I had for comics that never came to fruition, that – due to being neglected – saw their worlds slowly fade away.
  • Wat is Dit: an extremely old Dutch comicbook , roughly translating to “What is this”. Very low-resolution, just added for fun.
  • Long Live Goat: old experimental comic surrounding a rockstar’s feverdream of being a goat. Don’t ask!
  • Haggle in Jerusalem: old experimental comic.
  • Hartger: graduation comicbook about religion.

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